Thursday, March 22, 2007


As most of you know, I have no feelings. I am a levitating and emotionless roboman. My rocket fuel is one part logic, one part ruthlessness. This is what makes me the copy-editing, blogging, podcasting ninja I am.

But some people do have feelings. Such as Joe Donnelly, deputy editor at the L.A. Weekly. I'm not sure why Joe would make the tactical error of admitting such a weakness, but I'm sure it'll be fascinating to watch. Enjoy.


Jen Herrmann said...

Hey craig - I don't have your e-mail but I know you were following the story about the guy that wanted to light the capital in red, white, blue. Here's a follow up story

Detroit police: Autopsy says gay man did not die from an assault

It's on

Craig said...

Thanks, Jen! Beck Hud was good enough to forward this to me as well.