Friday, March 30, 2007

Ever wanted to hear your name on Hudson & Gaines? Me too! Well, the folks at WBFK 1420-AM are here to offer you the deal of the century: If you can recruit one new fan of the show, we'll name a character after you! All you need to do is either have your like-minded bud become a MySpace friend with the show, or forward us an e-mail ( in which the new fan is singing our praises.

Congratulations to COURTNEY FITZGERALD, who's already recruited one new fanatic!

What a deal: You get us one new fan, and you'll secure permanent citizenship in Great Haven!


There's something very disturbing in the fact that the Los Angeles Police Department felt it had to commission manufacturers to invent a powerful flashlight that was so small it couldn't be used as a weapon. It's great that rogue cops won't be able to brain Angelenos with their torches anymore, but shouldn't there be a parallel effort to prevent cops from beating people in the first place? Call me crazy, but this seems to just be putting a Band-Aid over a bigger problem.


I'd just like to point out that this didn't happen in Los Angeles. I'm just sayin'.


Beth Jones is my favorite newspaper features writer in the United States. Hands down.


Hayley said...

My favorite part of the Headd story is that her gun license might be taken away. Only maybe. She could still be a legal gun-owner after this. I also enjoyed to comments at the bottom.

Dr. Hot Crap said...

"I'm not an idiot."

"I just do idiotic things."

Maybe she could spend a week or two in L.A. to see if the smaller flashlight-toting cops will tolerate her idiocy.

Solari said...

what, it doesn't count that I already recruited RJ and got this City Desk/H&G synergy started?

Hayley said...

Yeah, wait, and what about Tim and Mike? I've recruited for you before, Gaines. And what do I have to show for it? Eternal salvation? No. A free beverage when you buy our new fish-stick and bacon quarter pounder? No. Two for the price of one? You're just a regular Tom Sawyer, aren't you?

Craig said...

Sorry, guys, but there's no grandfather clause in this special offer. We at WBFK appreciate the friends you've already brought us, but we're hungry for more!

Solari said...

Gluttony is a deadly sin, Gaines.