Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shades of Wallace

I love Sister's response to this story about Novi's selling municipal naming rights to companies:

I think this is actually a really interesting idea, and it could work in different contexts as well. Think of the funding schools could get, for example, if each individual child were sponsored. And for that matter, the popular kids could get to be sponsored by cool things like Camel and Smirnoff; the nerds could be sponsored by IBM, Macintosh, universities; the uncool goth kids would get the local D&D shop or their abusive stepdad's auto-repair shop. Fights would break out between Pepsi and Coke, McDonald's and Burger King; the GM kids would run after the Toyota kids with baseball bats. And a merger between two companies could be mirrored by those two students dating. Or being physically fused together. Or one could just be "disappeared" like it's 1980s Guatemala. For more money (and greater visibility) students would shed their individual sponsors when joining a team (or at least during games) for whatever the team's sponsor is. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?


The Grosse Pointe Cooleys are in town this week, and we've been having a blast. Looks like we're off to the Eames House tomorrow.


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Then check out the real Style Council's caption contest. You geniuses must have something to say about this nutso image. (Note: Vaguely not safe for more conservative work environments.)

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