Monday, February 26, 2007

Mr. Deity

I was all set to come home and write a post about what a king-hell mood I've been in all day. I mean, they just fired a friend of mine at work, I got a parking ticket a few days ago, I'm still horrified over the Andrew Anthos slaying, and watching the Oscars at the Glarums was great fun, but seriously -- that's about 30 minutes of good TV surrounded by more than two hours of crap.

But before I could go ballistic about all that stuff, I checked out this podcast I've been meaning to look at: Mr. Deity. And it's hilarious. The show has God as a Hollywood producer type, with the holy spirit as his assistant, a young stud as Jesus (whom Mr. Deity constantly refers to as Jesse), and a nag of a woman as Lucifer ("Lucy"). The Bible is the script and all existence is the movie. This is pitch-perfect comedy. They're doing it bimonthly and hoping to get a TV deal. It gets my vote.

Biggest laugh so far: Larry (the assistant) calls from the 13th dimension to ask exactly how dark Mr. Deity wants dark matter to be. "Yeah, take that all the way to void, and then back it off a skoch." I'm telling ya, pitch perfect.

You can check it out on their Web site or subscribe to it on iTunes. Enjoy.


I really did have fun watching the Oscars at Glarum Central, even though I didn't win the Oscar pool (that would be Becky, whom I suspect benefited from "expectant mom" sympathies by her ballot scorer) and Evan Glarum came from out of nowhere to call Happy Feet as Best Animated Feature. The room was going Cars all the way.

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Deuce said...

Good find, Gainser. Now you hang in there, kid.