Friday, February 16, 2007

The most remarkable people are the ones who can disrupt what's seemingly a black-and-white issue by forging a third argument, one based on a rare, objective principle. Mark Jennings Daily is one of those people.


Ryan said...

I was just about to take a stance ... damn. He would've made a great senator.

Unfortunately, I find it hard to believe his commander in chief has equally commendable intentions. And even if he does, his cronies surely don't.

Craig said...

Word to that. This guy just goes against every single stereotype we have of people who enlist these days.

Dr. Hot Crap said...

Although I despise war, I realize a standing military is necessary to keep peace, and I've never presumed to judge those who serve in the military.

In fact, I understand that for some, the military provides a way out. For others, the opportunity to serve. Still others can satisfy latent need-to-be-in-control tendencies.

What I think is truly disappointing about Daily's story is that it seems to be one-in-a-million.

Is this an acceptable outcome?

Craig said...

There's very little acceptable about the war in Iraq. Just lots of folly and outrageousness and, amid all that, people trying to do good in horrific situations.