Monday, February 05, 2007

See the post below for some Hud news.


I'm not the only one who thought it was funny.


It's become apparent lately that I write about Lansing way more than I do about L.A. What's odd is that I didn't really start this examination of home until I moved 2,000 miles away. I wasn't nearly as interested in it when I lived in Roanoke or Cleveland. There must be something about its being more intriguing to me when it's less accessible.

Distance helps give me better perspective on Lansing. Like looking at a painting from across a room reveals more than looking at it up close. Only here in the relative Mars of Los Angeles can I so objectively consider the Capital City. Until now I've never had anything radically different to compare it to with any authority. As I slowly gain an understanding of L.A., so does my picture of Lansing become more whole.


GREAT NEW WEB SITE: The City Desk, brought to you by the fine mind of R.J. White, a proud (I assume) graduate of Michigan State University. I'm struck by the similarities it has to Hudson & Gaines. Time well spent.


Evie, if you're wondering whether I'm trying to avoid this little six-quirky-things-about-me thing, you're right. But I won't let you down.


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The City Desk said...

Why, thank you, sir.

And, mostly, when I think back or read up on Lansing (grew up in Webberville, went to Lansing Catholic Central), I get a little depressed, for some reason.

With Ann Arbor (where I lived/worked for a few years after collge), I get annoyed and frustrated.

Dr. Hot Crap said...

It's cold. Big whup.

When it's summer, it'll be "too hot." People are illogical, whiny-ass bitches.

I hate us.

Craig said...

R.J./C.D.: Welcome to the family.

Dr. H.C.: Be careful about your bones.

eviedee said...

Hah! I knew it! :) I also had a really difficult time with the challenge. It is hard to think of things that are unusual enough to be worth sharing, yet still be something you would be willing to tell others. Like, I bet that Micah doesn't mention his "love" of animals (wink wink) but it is really the strangest thing about him!