Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Beginning to Have My Doubts About The City Desk

R.J. White's City Desk project has made two serious errors. It now lists me as a contributor, and today it posted a short piece I wrote.

Click over to the site now, before I single-handedly bring it down.


I've decided to declare a two-week moratorium on writing about Lansing. I need to explore other vistas like, say, my neighborhood. We'll see how it goes. Biddle City always beckons ...


How fun was bowling on Sunday? Super fun! How bad was I? Way, way bad! Check the pix at the Flickr page.


Saw Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday. Seriously great movie. I hope to never see it again. I've never felt so awful after seeing a film. The trailer makes it seem like something almost good for kids. Man, I'm 28, and I almost couldn't take some of those scenes. Damn.

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