Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to Biz-Nass!

THE VALLEY, Calif. -- Former hipster Mike Hudson was seen parking in a corporate park, eating at a chain restaurant, using a bathroom key, closing his office door for a meeting and wearing a silk garment around his neck on Monday.

His jacket matched his pants.

Sources say Hudson is hopeless. Hudson, busy setting up lunch meetings for tomorrow, could not be reached for comment.


Craig said...

Whatever you do, don't forget your employees' birthdays. They'll pull our the long knives if you do.

Craig said...

Why does this photo look like it was taken in a cave?

Drake said...

congrats on your new job! Hud's all growns up and he's all growns up! I'm sure you miss Phil..

somebodytogobackintimewith said...

Not enough time to comment for a press release which he himself wrote? Priceless.

Or maybe neveronceagaininsomuchas is the word I'm looking for.