Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday: 100% Gaines

You ever have one of those days where you actually accomplish everything you set out to do? No? Me neither, until today. I wrote me a little list this morning, and I'll be damned if I didn't tick off every item:

  • Freelance stuff
  • Prep for the next Hudson & Gaines episode
  • E-mails looking to scare up more freelance work
  • A li'l bit o' investing
  • Send out some invoices
  • Borrow the Huds' Aero bed
  • Start new workout program at the Y

All of 'em! Every last damn one! And if you must ask, yes, I'd love a cookie. Preferably a peanut butter cookie with a huge chocolate chip on top.


Jeffrey Starmichael fears he may have gotten off on the wrong foot at The Star Blog.


I tell ya, Wordpress is better than Blogger, hands down.


My laptop is on the fritz. Anyone know how to fix an "unmountable boot volume"?


Not only did I have a great day, I made a great dinner. Remember pork chops? I know! They're great!


Beth said...

you left the skin?!? That's were all the good stuff is! ;)

eviedee said...

What a fabulous looking hot dish! TAG! You're it! Details on my blog!

lucinda michele said...

It's my understanding that blue has been found, in lab trials, to be the least appetizing color known to man, and even occasionally to aid in repressing hunger.

lucinda michele said...

Green is not all that much an improvement.