Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is "dodging a bullet" in Lansing. (Photo from Lansing State Journal)

This is an all-out crisis in Los Angeles. Ice! Ice in Los Feliz! Right down the street from me! I mean, shouldn't we tell someone about this?


Speaking of cool, that's how I'd term Friday night, which was spent in the cozy confines of Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park. The occasion was a show by L.A. and Norman's own London Broil. The band employs a complex mix of drums, guitar, bass, a touch of organ, and a heaping of leg kicks and fist pumps to get the proverbial house literally rocking. I then had the good fortune to hang out with the band and friends, as I was there with former co-worker/current friend Courtney Fitzgerald, who functions as the band's bassist girlfriend/marketing guru. Good times, even though I knocked down the Jenga tower on the first go-round.



Mike said...

Poor Buckley slipped on a tiny patch of ice the other day. I'm fairly certain he didn't know what it was.

heather said...

spoiled West Coast dog

The London Broil said...

Thanks for coming to the show Craig! Nothing goes together like Rock and Roll and a strong game of Jenga. You'll have to come back for Canasta night.

The London Broil