Friday, January 12, 2007

January Is Austerity Month

After a couple months of -- to me, anyway -- rampant spending, I've called for austerity measures during January. Namely, this means not going out to eat. A third into the month, I've been pretty good at following the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. The Hudsons were good enough to buy me dinner the other night, so I'm not counting that against myself. We'll see how well I do during the rest of the month.


I will, though, temporarily suspend those measures when Ryan and his girlfriend, Caitlin, are in town in a couple weeks. This should be a fun trip, which'll include an Of Montreal show and possibly a trip to a Santa Monica gallery to see a show of Tijuana art.


The hits keep coming in February, when Jake and Bridget Cooley visit Los Angeles for a month. I'm geeked to see these kids, especially in L.A. They're both appreciators of great cities, and I'm certain L.A. won't disappoint.


I've also been really good about what I've been eating. Lots of veggies, including tomatoes, which is huge for me. And pasta. Whole wheat pasta.


It seems Pop's computer has arrived, so I'd like to officially welcome him to the World Wide Web. Ma, of course, has been a faithful Rocket Fever reader for months now. Say hi to my mom, everybody!


I think I busted my camera when I was home. Something about having it out in the rain.


Steve said...

Hello Mom.

Dr. Hot Crap said...

Hi Mom.

Gaines, it austerity doesn't befit a gracious host (such as yourself) in L.A. Sorry, buddy. Good luck, though.