Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Championship-Caliber Weekend

The old boy Ryan came up from San Diego -- by bus! -- on Saturday for a day or so of L.A. time. After chowing on some Pig 'n' Whistle (we met in Hollywood), we walked over to Amoeba for the weekend's first highlight: a free live show by the electric Rodrigo y Gabriela. I had no clue two people with acoustic guitars could sound like a five-piece ensemble. The percussion they got out of their instruments was just as amazing as what they were doing on the strings. And they played with major passion ... at 2 p.m.! The day after a show! Champs, those two.

The musicality continued at the Avalon that night with an Of Montreal show. For this one, we were joined by the Muzios and Kayla Delano, an old friend of the Muzios. This show was also triumphantly rad. They rocked the crap out of tons of songs, a great mix of classic stuff and stuff from their new album. O.M. has a nutso stage presence, what with the flashy costumes, big Godzilla-lookin' thing, 10-foot wizardy getup, and half nudity. Again, champs!

After that, we decamped to Canter's, where Micah shocked the waiter by ordering a cherry egg cream. No one, and I mean no one, orders more fanciful drinks than Micah Lee Muzio. This, as well, was champion in nature.

Side note: As you could tell by my recent post, I was incredibly ramped up after downing that cappuccino. So much so, in fact, that I was dropping an inordinate number of "f"-bombs on the way to the show. This, after meeting Kayla five minutes prior. I'll stick with the tea from now on.

On Sunday, I walked R-Dub to the Metro stop, with promises to meet up again real soon (can you believe I've known the guy for close to a quarter century?). After an enriching nap, I motored over to the Muzios' abode to work on a for-now-secret project associated with Hudson & Gaines (episode 10 of which, by the way, is in production). Then Micah and/or Evie had the champion's idea to hit Garden of Taxco in West Hollywood. Food event of the weekend, by leaps and bounds. Anyone who comes to visit me henceforth will be taken to this I-can't-believe-it's-this-good Mexican joint. Dude, they basically sing the menu to you. Chicken mole to make your mother weep.

What a city. Now if only the damn sun would come out ...

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