Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Greenville Mayor Lloyd Walker with then Minority Leader Ford in 1969 at Kent County Airport. (From the Greenville Daily News.)

Image of Ford with these, uh, guys originally found here.

How would have Gerald Ford handled Sept. 11 and its aftermath if he were president at the time?


Drake said...

he would have called in his cabinet for some nachos and beer. do you like nachos? do you like beer?

Drake said...

well, looks like he wouldnt have gone into iraq..

Hud said...

Don't forget cha boyz Cheney and Rumsfeld were all fiddling around town then, too.

Do you mean, "What would happen if a younger Ford were president in 2001" or "what if sept. 11 took place during Ford era?"

Younger Ford in 2001...don't know. Likely something closer to what Bush Sr. would have done...coalitions, UN and as last resort overwhelming force. Unless the neos mentioned above still held as much sway as they do now.

Ford era: We would have done nothing at all. That was back when we really didn't think much of ourselves.

How about you come over and eat nachos, drink beer and watch football?

Craig said...

That story that Paulie Boy linked to seems to answer the question. But you always have to wonder about the difference between examining from afar and actually being in the hot seat.

Hud said...

Definitely, Craigy. He's a Congress-bred leader, so I don't see him 'going alone' in any case.

I'm about to add a photo.