Saturday, December 02, 2006

Irrefutable Truth That USC-UCLA Is a Weak Rivalry

SCENE: Saturday morning, Hollywood/Wilshire YMCA lockerroom

MAN 1: You know what time the USC game is today?

MAN 2: Nope. (To entire lockerroom:) Anybody know what time the game is today?


The End


Lynn Jepson said...

Further proof that a UM v. OSU national title game is GOOD for college football.

Craig said...

You, sir, are in league with my way of thinking. Here's to you.

dr. buckeye said...

um, yeah. i think michigan got shafted, but i also think that OSU whomping on the gaters will FINALLY shut up those boneheads from the south that think football was invented in tuscaloosa. Go Bucks!

Craig said...

I will only ever reveal this in the comments section: Michigan should have been in the Nat'l. Champ Game.

BUT my Tallahassee pedigree at least allows me to be excited at the prospect of those frogs from Gainesville getting dismantled by the Bucks from Columbus.