Friday, December 22, 2006

F-ES: The Wrap

I'm going to enjoy this for the next 15 minutes, then regret it for the next 10 hours. Worth is in the eye of the beholder.

The sandwich suffered from the lack of that distinctive crunch real bacon gives you. And the cheese would have been much better had it been a member of the Velveeta family. Meltiness is crucial. Sharp cheddar doesn't melt well. Known fact.

In the end, this was a roughly hewn metaphor for a true fried-egg sandwich. I've had the world's best fried-egg sandwich, and I know I'm capable of matching that level, because the ability is in my blood. Like father, like son.

Photos to follow on the Flickr page.


Steve said...

Here are some things I have tried and enjoyed. Take it or leave it.

1. Toast bread in same pan used to fry egg.

2. Don't forget salt & pepper on egg.

3. Ditch the ketchup and catsup and go with mayo and mustard instead.

4. Substitute delicious, thin sausage patty for bacon.

Craig said...

Steve, you're a genius. No. 1 is very Hemingway, and I can't believe I forgot No. 2. No. 3 is just weird, but it's vindicated by No. 4, which is art. Pure art.