Tuesday, November 14, 2006

(*Update!) Round Two

There's been a call for more pics, so here's just a few...
"That's a balk! That's a balk! You, third base. You, second base. Batter, return to the box!"

Two AA Umps watch the Saturday action. One of these pitchers hit the backstop twice with an 80+ mph heater before settling in. Not my inning, very fortch for meez.

"That's why I don't (ufffk) with the big Four-Oh" -- The Hill

"Hudson, what's the only better thing than a Forty?...Two Forties." -- Flynn, Greenville High School.

Picture of a picture of Huddy with Randy Marsh (crew chief) and Alfonso Marquez, both from the 2006 World Series crew.

That's right...Bud Selig signed my isht.

The whole flippin gaggle. In the second row you can see left-to-right Brian Gorman (who I think was Ump of the Year), Jerry Layne, Kerwin Danley (LA's own), Randy Marsh and Ted Barrett.
This is from the WS Game 1, thought I'd throw it in. It's the skip with a former Ump named Steve Palermo, who is now an umpire supervisor. He was disabled in 1991 after being shot in the back while coming to the aid of a robbery victim in Dallas. He had 13 years in the Majors under his belt at the time.

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