Monday, November 13, 2006

Mike Hudson's Punch Out

COMPTON, Calif. -- For the sake of all things awesome, 15 MLB umps took the time this off-season to spread the good word of baseball to 33 aspiring umpires.

One of these 33 had zero experience to go along with his lack of talent or good looks. And he is now happy to provide a brief insight into his time at MLB Umpire Camp.

-- Earl Weaver is missed greatly by all umpires. One guy personally ran him 13 times.
-- MLB Umps are some of the most cool-headed and professional folks you'll ever meet.
-- Umpiring is in many ways more difficult than playing. Especially in the two-man system.
-- MLB umps tend to be decent bowlers and have a million stories.
-- Tim McCarver would be welcomed with open arms into any umpire's home or extended-family.
-- One of these statements is a lie.
-- There are (literally) 2.6 million potential outcomes when a pitcher take the mound in baseball game.
-- Pro umps don't like being called "Blue."
-- When they turn to sneer at you after being called "blue" they really don't like you saying, "Game's out there, Blue!"
-- They even let me develop a third-strike call. (Happy to demonstrate anytime, anywhere.)
-- Yelling "Play Ball" to start an actual game is a top five experience.

Pics for your make pleasure to benefit:

UCLA legend Bill Miller and "Alabama" take in Saturday's scout team game at the Urban Academy "Show Field."

Our hero: Cadet Hudson, aka #40, gets ready to toss the next m'fer he sees.

Coming soon to the Big Leagues: Yuta, aka "The Machine" from Japan (right).

Coming soon to his bosses' offices to explain himself for some dammmm fool thing or another: Mike from Los Feliz (left).


Craig said...

Last year when Mike was taking karate lessons, I had to put up with him demonstrating his newest moves on me every night.

Now I'm going to have to get used to being tossed by Coke Glasses for the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Dude's GOT to start drinking again.