Tuesday, November 21, 2006

H&G ... Dumplings ... Lansing Makes It Happen ... Gaines Goes TJ's

Episode 5 of Hudson & Gaines is hot and online!


Sunday night was spent at the Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Arcadia with Hud, the Muzios, Robbie Baldwin of TMZ.com, and their friends from Tehachapi, Mike and John. It was good meeting those dudes, although it was sort of hard to have a sustained conversation in light of the eating circumstances. I swear you need a three-hour course in eating those damn dumplings. And using only chop sticks didn't make matters easier. Lucky for me they were the best freaking dumplings I've ever had.


Saturday was just as good: Recorded Ep. 5, got car's hood latch fixed by Micah (thanks, dude), then watched some classic MST3K at the Muzios' while macking on some snatchos. Check out the Flickr page for visuals, but trust me when I say snatchos make men thankful for being alive. If you're not excited by Velveeta, Cheez Whiz, salsa, and ground beef, then just get back on the boat. Rad!


Fred Woodhams passes along why life in Lansing is great.


I think I made a strategic shopping decision today: I'm weaning myself from the Albertson's monkey and getting on the Trader Joe's train. I drove the extra mile to TJ's today because I wanted to stock up on the store's excellent frozen foods. Before I knew it, I was loading up on cereal, OJ, snacks, ground turkey ... and it was pretty dern cheap too. And, TJ's has my Morningstar fake bacon! I couldn't find that stuff anywhere!


Hope y'all are excited for Thanksgiving. It's by far my favorite holiday. I'll be spending it with Hud and the Glarums up in the Valley. My cousin from Arizona will also be in town, so it promises to be a helluva weekend.

Send photos of your turkey! Let's have an RF turkey post!

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Anonymous said...

Man, Trader Joe's is the whip. Used to live three blocks from the Royal Joke TJ's, and many frozen foods were purchased. They also have good prices on wine and Clif Bars. All you have to do is avoid the "granola girl/guy" vibe from the staff. Or maybe that was just in MI.

This just in: no turkeys in Japan. Unless you count jive turkeys, which I do.