Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Do Immigrants Park Poorly?

Sunday started ominously for me and my car. I have no clue what the above note is referring to. I wasn't blocking a driveway, nor was I in any way preventing the car in front of me from moving. I was parked pretty close to that car, but c'mon. Parking is at a premium in Los Feliz, and if you can't take big-city life, move to Rancho. Plus, how do immigrants park? Is this some stereotype I'm not aware of? I've asked a few friends out here, and none of them understood the note.

But I just laughed it off and set off for Elysian Park, near Dodger Stadium. It was a nice day and I had some open time, so a good walk seemed in order. And a good walk it was, for the most part. From the photos at my Flickr page, you can see Elysian is a grand city park, replete with rough urban edges. Just the way I like it.

Things slightly soured near the end of the walk, though, when a couple kids started throwing rocks at me. None of them hit me, but I wondered about the appropriate course of action if one of them had. It's not generally a good idea to run blindly into some bushes on the Eastside of L.A. You never know what'll be waiting for you. But if I just kept walking, I'd label myself a puss in a hot second. Luckily, my master dodging skillz allowed me to avoid the situation altogether.

But then things really started to suck when I got back to my car to find ... my battery was dead. Looong story short, the Muzios came to my rescue, which entailed pushing the Focus down Stadium in an attempt to push-start the car (oh, yeah, we couldn't get the hood opened either). When that didn't work, this guy named Art appeared and helped us push some more. No good. Art finally got the hood open, but the car wouldn't jump. Art, truly a cool guy, then called AAA for me, who jumped the car in no time. I made it back home, where Micah helpfully installed a new battery in the Focus.

And then we went out for Mexican. Art, I hope those Omaha Steaks get to you, man. You deserve them.


Hud said...

"This is our country. This is our truck."

J. Cougar

somebodytogobackintimewith said...

Re: Dealing with kids throwing rocks

Protocol is to draw your weapon and fire several rounds either in the air or at their feet, depending on your proximity to the subjects.

Resume nude sunbathing. Or walking. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Was "Art" actually Art Alcid?

Steve said...

Omaha Steaks=Class