Sunday, November 19, 2006

Capital City DNA

Everything you wanted to know about Michigan and Lansing can be found in this story envisioning the melting hellscape that the state will become in the next 50 years. (By the way, this story seals it: I'm never moving back to the Mitten. It's going to be Hades without the charm in no time!)

Brilliant to include quotes from some kid working at Modern Skate so high up in the story. Right after the lede, I was thinking, "Well, what does Modern have to say about this?" And, bam, there it was.


Katie said...

In case you don't feel like clicking... here it is in all its glory.

"That stinks," said Jonathan Meador, a snowboarder who works at Modern Skate and Surf in Frandor shopping center. "If I have kids, I wouldn't be able to take them skiing."

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed the 65 year old androgenous Pat, who said: "It would be a tragedy if Michigan would never have snow. For generations we've grown up with that." Apparently snow is only about 70 years old.