Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Auditory L.A.

I suspect there's a sound specific to L.A. and maybe a few other places in this country: That of a car running over a downed palm frond.


Hud said...

I've got two sounds I think of for L.A. and one visual.

a) (rare) Imposing rumbling sounds of lightning storms out in the desert blown back by winds to a crystal clear LA evening. Weird.

b) (omnipresent) Imposing rumbling sounds of the 5 or the 101 during evening hours from our top balacony, despite being miles away.

And the visual:

The glow of a shoot somewhere in the adjacent three neighborhoods. Be it a commericial, tv or movie...it always looks cool.

Craig said...

Y'know, I don't even notice the traffic rumble anymore. Silence freaks me out.

Hud said...

I'm not talking about street traffic, which I've become pretty much deaf to as well...but that low, low hum of the freeways if you're outside and up a floor or two above the tree line. You can catch it from up on the high trails of Griffith Park, too. It's cool.

PS -- I f****** love this town.

Pat said...

Sounds of Yakima County outside Zillah, Wash.:

In the springtime: shotguns in the mornings as growers protect their grapes from birds and (even louder) fake shotgun sounds produced by gas-powered automatic noise cannons to scare birds away. I got used to it and the blasts stopped waking me every morning.

In the fall (much nicer): the intermittent hum of misters protecting the soon-to-be harvested vineyards from frost.