Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What Is This? An Oxymoron? Juxtaposition? Paradox?

In Roanoke, it's illegal for men to kiss, but perfectly legal to give each other a little rub.


dr. beer said...

hud, you asked why i'm not blogging on 90 percent mental: i do not have a blog id. i refuse to get one. you can't make me. no! no! no! i won't do it!

well, maybe.

Anonymous said...

The day before this email printed I'd gotten the roughest massage of my life my a guy name Drew at this all-gay-men Salon near the Salem Valley 8 (not sure if opposite-sex massages are illegal in Salem or not). It was my fault because I told him no one ever does it hard enough. But I still came out bruised. And the whole time he talked about aromatherapy and when he was done he said, "May peace be above you and below you and beyond you and behind you."

It scared me.

Beth Jones