Monday, October 02, 2006

San Diego, Strangely, Part I

The Michigan Diaspora converged upon San Diego last weekend for what was to be a mildly historic meeting. The Blanks, the world's greatest rockity roll band, were reuniting for a one-time-only show while the boys were together for lead singer James Peterson's wedding. The gents, who met at Michigan State, hadn't played for months after they left Lansing for different corners of the U.S.: S.D., Oakland, Cincy.

Joining The Blanks would be Lansing native and San Diegan Ryan Ahrens, yours truly, and Craig Schmidt of Michigan's West side, MSU, The State News, Chicago, and Charlie Don't Shake.

Schmidt, who had flown into L.A. a few days earlier, joined me on the drive down the 5 to what surely would be an evening of guitar-soaked glory. After a morning of errands -- "work," eating, bringing in mail, going to the gym -- Craig and I hopped in the Focus and zoomed off (O.K., we crept through classic SoCal traffic).

Schmidt and I met up with Ryan at his neato new apartment near Balboa Park and immediately headed to the British pub smack in the middle of Little Italy. A few brews, laughs, and chicken tenders later, we took a cab to O'Connells, the site of said historic Blanks gathering. Craig took off running for drummer Mike Ried's house, about a mile away (This type of ambulation is typical for Schmidt). Ryan and I walked into O'Connells to bide our time.

Before taking our orders, the bar maid, as is custom, asked to see our identification. Here's where the night began to turn.

To be continued Wednesday ...


somebodytogobackintimewith said...

Wait, I was in California? When was this exactly? All I remember from last week is concrete boobs.

Craig said...

Ah, yes. The concrete boobs. I'll get a photo of those beauties someday.

Drake said...

get bent, craig n hud.

thanks for the best wishes, guys. we should def meet up before i say buhbye to la la land