Friday, October 27, 2006

Rocket Fever Omnibus Post of October 2006

If you haven't listened to Hudson & Gaines, get to it! See previous post for background.


The sports and blogging communities are celebrating this week at some astounding news: Joe Rexrode has a blog. Check out Hey, Joe! (Joe, your blog title doesn't officially have the comma, but you need it, man.)


While at Albertson's the other day, I realized we've come to a certain point: One of the ads broadcast of the P.A. was narrated by a gay guy. It was for women's hair products. The voice was straight outta "Queer Eye": Lispy, sassy, yet supportive. I can't imagine hearing that a few years ago. Does this reflect a continuing evolution in American attitudes toward gays? Or just a cop-out demographic co-opting: You can't get married, but you can advise us on style. My sense is it's the latter, which might somehow be taking us toward the former.


Again, Meijer is the greatest big-box retailer on the planet.

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