Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kentucky Country Boys Defend Earth Against Little Green Invaders

This story is amazing. It recounts a 1955 battle between Kentucky country folk and aliens. The writing is so clean and straightfaced; it's pure white light. Whatever you do, don't just skim this story. Read every word, and bask in its awesomeness. Fire in the sky!


The S'news kids won another Pacemaker!


I don't know much about Prop 2 in Michigan, but I have to say the spokesman for it in this story has a pretty good comeback for Izzo and Amaker coming out against it.


Continuing the MSU theme, vote for these poor idiots.


Hanlin4Mayor said...

Craig, I haven't even read the article yet, because that alien's facial expression is the embodiment of "Things that make you go...Hmmmm" in outer space. The irony overtook me, and I had to close the link.

Craig said...

I promise you an infinite lifetime of happiness if you read the story.

Hayley said...

An even greater amount of happiness awaits you at the website, www.alienlegacy1955.com. Be sure to watch the movie trailer.

Craig said...

I believe. I believe.