Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Detroit Report

Like any seat-of-my-pants trip, my World Series trip was endearingly flawed. I'd call it perfect in its imperfection. Because it was so quick, there isn't tons to discuss, but here are some highlights:

  • Sheri and Paul Freemantle are again some of the coolest cats on Earth, and that's even after learning Paul, a Briton, hates baseball.
  • Being in downtown Detroit on World Series day was the coolest. Tons of people in Tigers regalia, some in painted faces, filled the streets. A festive, "can you believe we're in the World Series?" mood prevailed. I'd say about 30 percent of the people down there were wearing the same MLB Playoffs hoodie that I bought at the airport that morning.
  • It was great seeing tons of folks at the bar we were at. Lots of S'newsers from the old days, including Preston, Cindy, Sharon, Chad, and Dave. And there were members of the extended family: Heather and Erin, Oscar ... good times.
  • Let's be honest: The bar sucked. Not being a Detroiter, I didn't realize that "Fifth Avenue" is synonymous with "Land Shark." Total chach bar, replete with dudes in chains and cologne. Way too crowded ... with people who didn't really care about the game. I have to say, very bad vibe in there.
  • After the game, the fun continued under the auspices of Amy, Shane, Mandy, and Brent. It was one of those classic nights of hanging out at home, b.s.-ing, and having way too much fun. And it would have been just another fun night, had we not invented a party game that will be overtaking the world soon. Stay tuned for a new blog soon ...
  • Plenty of pix at the Flickr page!

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Amy B. said...

Why must I insist on wearing the hats of others when I'm drunk? And, in this case, two hats and an oversized yellow coat? No Craig, please.