Monday, October 16, 2006

Boom Go the Tiger Bats [WITH UPDATES]*

Waiting for tacos before the game.

Celebrating Magglio after the game.

Contemplating 36 hours in the D next weekend!

Was that great or what?

I've already written about going nuts over at 90 Percent, but let me say again: We went nuts. I downloaded the game (for the unitiated, Game 4 of the ALCS. Look it up) from and rewatched the ninth inning yesterday. A few things stood out: We got two quick outs before that rally, which made things even more amazing. And, Maggs' homer left the yard in a hot second; my memory is that it took about half a minute before clearing the fence. Damnation, man. Damnation. (Hud, I can't believe I didn't think of this: I should have set up my digital camera on video mode to capture us going nuts. Best idea I never had.)

And now, to complete the cycle of lunacy, I've bought tickets to be in town for Game 1 on Saturday. If I can't be in the belly of the beast for at least Game 1, what kind of fan am I?

I think Maggs' homer might be the single greatest play in Michigan sports history. The only other thing that comes to mind right away is Joe Dumars blocking David Rivers' shot at the end of Game 3 of the 1989 NBA Finals and then saving it from going out of bounds. But Maggs' homer is far more dramatic. I'm going into a daze just thinking about it.

Pay attention to this, folks. We all need some fun in our lives, and this is about the most fun you can have.


I'm looking for two tickets to Game 1. I'll pay good money.


*The only thing more pimp than going for Game 1 is going for the entire series. And who's more pimp than Gaines? Hud, that's who. So if you miss me during my quick tour, I'm sure you'll be able to throw back a few O'Douls with Michael C. Hudson.


presto said...

Too bad you didn't have your digital camera on to capture the moment of you guys goin' crazy. THAT would have been priceless. Kinda like the video I took with my digital camera from my seat AT the CO-PA as Maggs hit that walkoff homerun. I think I'm going to send it out in an e-mail later on tonight ... but if you can, check out my MySpace page for it. Unfortunately my camera battery died and had to be replaced before I could get more than 28 seconds, but ... that moment was unforgettable. As you can tell from the high-pitched screaming and the fact that my camera is buried in the hugs from those around me for half the time of the video.

Get in touch when you are in town!!! I'll be around downtown somewhere for Game 1. I happen to be the lucky holder of two tix for GAME TWO. I do know a few peeps with Game 1 tix, but good luck trying to weasel those tix away from them ... GO TIGS!!!


somebodytogobackintimewith said...

Ugh, they don't have chicken?

Craig said...

Presto: Cool.

Schmidt: Watch it.

dr. detroit said...

a couple of notes. ordonez's homerun did indeed take 30 seconds to clear the leftfield fence. i was there. i saw it. it was weird.

next, maggs has to be the unlikeliest of heroes. his slugging percentage at comerica this year was a pedestrian .432. he basically turned into a-rod-in-the-post-season while at comerica. bottom line: the fact that he hit two homeruns in that game was ridiculous.

how did the oakland a's NOT intentionally walk polanco EVERY TIME!?!? he hits .500 off their pitching. and with the tigs' 4-5-6 hitters barely hitting gaines' fighin' weight, i would have given polanco first base everytime.

that said, game 4 was nuts. have fun at game 1, gainesy.