Saturday, September 09, 2006

Three From the Archive

Me and my Old Man's Old Man.

Dirty college punk.

Pat and I both own that shirt. We bought them in NYC. I'd give my right arm to know what he and Cook were discussing in that photo.

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Pat said...


I was saying, "Hey, Jamie, check out how good Craig looks tonight."

Also of note in that photo: the orange traffic cone with reflective-tape stripes. Oscar used to wake me up some mornings by yelling "Gilbert here!" through that cone into my ear. The phrase was a reference to the somewhat-obscure Gilbert and Sullivan biopic "Topsy-Turvy."

There was one time, too, where Jamie and I had a fight in my living room with that cone and another one. He jabbed me repeatedly with the cone's hard-rubber base, leaving many small bruises. I went for the home run shot, time after time missing his head by inches with mighty swings that no doubt would have caused severe injury. Those cones look innocent, but those hard-rubber bases are heavy.