Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday in the Sun

Gimme a break. Weekends just don't get much better than this. It all seemed to come together on Commonwealth Avenue this wonderful September Sat/Sun.

First and foremost, the Tigers clinch their first playoff berth since 1987. B-E-S-T. As you may or may not know, Gaines and I traded any MSU football wins for the next five years for Tiger success in June. (Sorry Sparty re: ND game)

I've had Yuca's three times since Thurs (three burrito, one dbl chili cheesebest.) In-N-Out last night (protein-stizz, with pickles). Philly Steak twice on Friday (add jalapeno). VIP Oatmeal w/berries 'n' honey at a De La Soul concert this morning in the Coliseum. Brooklyn Bagel Factory onion/poppyseed during NFL. Saw Coolio on USC's "Frat Row" at Mile 4 of the Nike Run Hit Remix. Then popped out "This Or That" with the Dee-are-ee-ess as a Native Tongue reunion broke out at the finish line.

Did I mention the Tigs have the best record in the AL? And the Dodgies just won on a walk-off grand slam by Nomar (Ben still singing next door.) And they just sent my confirmation for post-season tix (NLDS, NLCS & WS...obvs.)

Schmidty. Ye Rustic. Tuesday @ midnight. Go Tigs!

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Craig said...

If the Tigs don't have a fight song, we'll need to come up with one ASAP.