Thursday, September 14, 2006


If you don't buy this book, you're a Michigan fan.


Coming soon: A review of the so-rad Southern Culture on the Skids show I attended last night.


Pat said...

I've nearly finished it. A quick, fun read from our boy Joe.

I particularly like the excerpts from turn-of-the-century Spartan football coverage. They're all like, "Chrisler's bunch in Ann Arbor is a fine group of dandies to be sure, but as far as I've doped it out, the MAC eleven will give them a solid thrashing indeed come Saturday."

Kudos to Rexrode. Best Spartan sports reporter going.

Anonymous said...

"The lads and I found it quite corking that we were able to use our robust physiques to trod our enemies of Bath Twp.: the Elysian Fields Hilltoppers."

More of that, and I will buy 50 copies. But one for now. Big ups to Joey Ballgame; the man, the drinker, the smoker, the legend. May memories of 264 Gunson drive all of us forth to create wonderful written words.