Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hold the Relish

I fancy a dash of relish in my tuna salad at times. When I was at the grocer's establishment a while back, I decided to purchase this nifty squeeze bottle of Vlasic Home Style Relish. While the relish itself is same old delish pickle goop, the bottle is a nightmare. Everytime I try to squeeze out a dollop of relish, all I get instead is pickle juice. Either the hole isn't big enough, or there should be a second, smaller hole to allow air in while relish is exiting.

I like crisp, refreshing relish in my tuna, not a pool of green liquid. If someone at Vlasic could fix this product-design snafu, that'd be great.


Schmidt's in town. It's awesome.


Jonathan said...

What if you shake it first to mix the juice back into the sweet, sweet pickle?

Craig said...

Tried that. No workie.

Hayley said...

What if you took the lid entirely off and scooped some out with a knife or small spoon, then resolved never to buy the squeezable bottle again? Am I being too drastic?

Craig said...

That's what I do, but Vlasic shouldn't be content with that. It's poor design, and the company should fix it.

dr. watson said...

gaines, i wonder if any of the other fine food products from pinnacle suffer the same package-design flaws as Vlasic. I mean, Mrs. Butterworth and the Gordon's fisherman demand better!