Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Great Chicken Finger Divide

I learned something deeply disturbing about some of my co-workers at the L.A. Weekly last night: At least five of them had never heard of chicken fingers, which were included in our Tuesday-night dinner. I was raving about how good these particular digits were when one of my colleagues asked, "What's a chicken finger, like a claw or something?"

I thought this fellow was just a weird aberration, until I found more and more folks who had never heard of chicken fingers. The geographic breakdown of who had and hadn't heard of my savory, breaded friends was stark: Those from the Midwest, South or Great Britain had heard of them; those from the East or West coasts hadn't. This should give the good people of flyover country one more reason to be suspicious of the dandies on the coasts. I'm certainly considering relocating after this hurtful revelation.

It must be said here that I really love chicken fingers. Whenever I'm forced to eat at a mall-chain restaurant, I order them three times out of five. They're really hard to screw up, and dipping sauces are always a plus. And I like to spread my dipping around: ranch, barbecue, honey mustard ... bring it.

So I'd like to ask the far-flung readership of Rocket Fever to weigh in on this, especially my friends in NYC: Have your native friends heard of chicken fingers? Or are Midwesterners, Southerners and Brits all alone on this?


Becky Amos said...

Yes, I have polled several of my co-workers who are Jersey or NY-born and they have all heard of chicken fingers. And I know from experience of ALWAYS ordering chicken fingers wherever I go, that they are all over the menus here in the East. So either your Cali friends are pulling your leg, or you're only friends with people who grew up living under a rock! :)

captain america said...

to not know a chicken finger is to not know $2.50 gallons of gas, the sensationalism of news, the inevitable rise of the yankees and predictable fall of the bosox, the beauty of the string bikini and the warmth of turducken on a cold thanksgiving morn. in other words: it;s un-american. rid yourself of these "reds," gaines. you're destined to fall under a peculiar spell that makes you crave pure oxygen rather than the smog-laden air you currently suffer.

Erick Ryan said...

Can I assume they washed down this mystery dish with soda?

Anonymous said...

More likely: Pop

Anonymous said...

Assignment: Replace ALL cultural instances of "tender" and "strip" with "finger." Examples follow:

Love Me Finger
Sunset Finger
Finger Loving Care
Finger club
Meat fingerizer
Legal finger
Finger is the Night

Anonymous said...

Chicken fingers are nowhere to be found in Japan, but if you want some mostly raw chicken on a bed of rice, I'm your man! Basically here , if it's cooked, it's gross. And damn that pic of fingers looked good. Xtra ranch, onegaishimass ...