Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stiff Upper Lip

Jake and Bridget Cooley's recent London vacation was extended a few days by the big terrorist arrests. Here's what Jake had to say:

Being a tabloid town London was pretty tame on Tuesday. Once Wednesday hit the sensationalism was on. (see pics)

The overall feel of the city was not as tense as you would think. A few tube stops were closed but after spending a week there that seems extremely common. Thanks to the IRA, London has a CCTV camera EVERYWHERE, so I think that deters would-be terrorists.

The English charm and politeness prevailed overall and it made the six-hour delay and spending the night in the Newark Airport not so bad.


Coming soon (later today? Tomorrow? Who knows!) to RF:

  • Can one studio apartment contain five former copy chiefs?


  • Gaines attempts an overlong, indulgent post about his new obsession, "Little Miss Sunshine."


Pat said...

I just saw "Little Miss Sunshine" and loved it. Plus I love overlong and indulgent. They're my trademarks, actually.

I can't wait.

How about this quote from "LMS": "Linda!!!"

Micah said...

Evie and I saw the movie. It was funny, moving, and poignant. Can't wait for your review.