Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Red Dawn," Rad Afternoon

An afternoon at the Muzio household is never a dull one. Take Sunday, when Micah and Evie threw a "Red Dawn" viewing party. Not only did they put out a bountiful barbecue spread, but they handed out gift packages with Atomic Fireballs, Bazooka gum, and noisemakers for the movie's more bombastic moments. We watched along with Robbie and Laura, longtime Muzio compatriots.

A word about "Red Dawn": If we're ever invaded, I'm using this plot as the template for what I'll do. As the enemy parachutes into Los Feliz, I'm going to round up a ragtag band of locals, load up my Focus with guns and other necessaries, and head up into Griffith Park. After which I'll play the Patrick Swayze roll in leading an insurrection against the bad guys.

And I'll clash with Lea Thompson.

Thanks to the Muzios for a great time!

Robbie, Laura, Micah, Evie.

In California, we eat hot dogs out of shoes.

Freedom food!

1 comment:

Micah said...

Ok, you can be Patrick Swayze this invasion, but I've got dibs on the next one.