Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good Day; L.A.

This is why I exist in Los Angeles: Leisurely morning, hike up in Griffith, lounging at the Coffee Bean with Mike, watching Pudge's walkoff homer, being O.K. with not getting into "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" at Hollywood Forever, cheap Thai food at day's end. Thank you.



8/5/2006 3:05:53 PM

COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF, Hillhurst and Ambrose, Los Feliz—There’s a dude doing newspaper puzzles in front of me; a woman giving some sort of financial assistance/advice to a guy to the right of that; a black Hummer thumping hip-hop just drove across Hillhurst, through the Nature Mart parking lot, onto Ambrose, and then north on Hillhurst; a woman on a quick cell phone talk to the right of the couple; a Hollywood reading a script behind the cell-phone woman (now gone); soft, agreeable music is pumped in from the trees; cars enter and exit the Albertson’s parking lot; a crow caws; the financial adviser is wearing a palm-tree-print dress and is Asian; the man she was assisting wore a button-down short sleeve shirt with a blue-block pattern that was tucked into cargo jeans with no jeans; they’ve now left; I just called Mike to invite him up — he’ll be up here in a half hour; an employee just passed by with a broom; the employee just took a newspaper that I should have salvaged; I moved my chair for the employee — he said, “You sit, you sit. No problem, no problem.” I said, “Oh, thank you”; two guys were looking under the hood of a car in the Nature Mart lot across the street; the newspaper-puzzle guy is now on a cell phone; the newspaper guy has finished his call and has left his table, allowing me to shift my position;

Now I’m facing a literate-looking guy in Pumas, wearing a hat vaguely reminiscent of a fedora, smoking, reading; to the left is a table with two curly-haired women and a curly-haired guy; the women are talking to each other, the guy on a celly; directly behind them is a table with two women; one of them wears a straw Kangol; a Target bag covers the first parking meter on Ambrose; a piece of paper is taped to the one on the other side of Ambrose; the literate guy has left; a steady breeze tousles the vegetation; one of the curly women shows the other a photo — the other widens her eyes and draws in a breath; an in-their-20s Los Feliz couple has taken the literate guy’s table; the guy, wearing a baseball cap, had to try a few times before he could light his smoke; the girl, wearing big L.A. sunglasses, has a party-noise maker in her mouth; sunglasses has taken the noise maker out of her mouth and is now eating a baked good; I have to pee; kinda bad — I hope Mike gets here soon; a middle-aged guy in a brown or gray uniform just sat down to my left — he’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a vest; he’s just moved directly behind me; Mike’s here — in line now; I just noticed there’s an owl statue on the Coffee Bean building’s roof — I’d assess it as creepy and welcoming; the vest guy had a quick conversation with a passing driver, coughed a bit, and has moved to a table with an umbrella closer to the building; now he’s chatting with a guy in Bermuda short — he’s now conducting good-natured shade negotiation with the guy and two women at another table; here’s Mike.

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