Friday, August 04, 2006

The D Gets an A

The one photographic gap I have from the trip is hanging out with my Detroit friends. Stupid battery went dead. But thanks to Jake and Bridget Cooley, I have some evidence of fun with the Dean kids. Thanks as always to my hosts, Amy and Shane. And it was just plain awesome seeing all the folks from the old crew. Tom's Tavern is officially my Detroit bar of choice. Jon, thanks for the beers.

Jake, Gaines, Rexrode.

Ah, Detroit.

Ah, Detroit, Pt. II.

What other bar on Earth gives you a free ear of corn? Tom's Tavern: Hospitality before structural soundness.

We played Win, Lose or Draw. I'm a good drawler.

Gentlemen, scholars: Ron and Jon.

It's either Florida, a boomerang, or an old Boston Red Sox logo.


jonathan mahalak said...

Sincere thanks from Tom's for the good times and free publicity. You've got one coming next time you find yourself on 7 Mile.

Craig said...

Nice! I haven't forgotten about that Los Feliz T-shirt ...