Thursday, August 17, 2006

Big, Huge, Radical News out of Lansing

One of my closest friends is getting married. Beth Maier will tie the knot with Barry I'm-An-Ass-For-Not-Remembering-His-Last-Name. I've met Barry, and he's a standup guy, not to mention a native of Greenville, Michigan, which has produced a few other upstanding young Americans.

Beth, for the unfortunate few who don't know her, is a friend from the Eastern days. We were both swimmers, but it's since gone much deeper than that. We have that most awesome kind of friendship wherein we don't talk for months and then pick back up like we'd seen each other yesterday. Beth was a steady, weekly presence during my stay in Lansing; we'd have beers and olive burgers at Dagwood's and rap about how loony the whole-damn-everything is. She's always been good enough to laugh at my stupid jokes, and I've gotten to laugh at a few of hers along the way.

Hearing from Beth that she's getting married felt like Christmas on the Fourth of July, one day after Halloween. Which is to say, cool.

Congratulations and a Rocket Fever Huzzah to you both!

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oxr said...

cook, his last name is cook.