Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Attack of the Chiefs

Five former State News copy chiefs assembled at my apartment last weekend for breakfast and conversational good times. The occasion was Kevin and Elizabeth Hardy's (nee Vanden Boom) weekend trip to L.A. to visit S'news all-star Alethia Calagias. We were joined by the Hudsons and State News MTV'er Katie Byrne. Good times were had over coffee, doughnuts, croissants, Katie's fruit salad and Alethia's cookies. I was pleased that the apartment could hold this many people without anyone asphyxiating or going into claustrophobic shock. Good seeing all those folks!

Alethia's boyfriend, Austin, had the quote of the day: "He killed a man."

Mike tells a time-worn Hollywood story.

Good folks.

Hardy, imparting some wisdom to Mike.


Peep Katie Byrne's review of the Timberlake show at the West Hollywood House of Blues! This thing was blinged out with starz!


Tigers-Yankees double-header today. And I don't work Wednesdays. Could life get any better?

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