Sunday, July 16, 2006

So I Bought a Digital Camera

Meaning, you can expect lots more amateur photography. In fact, expect lots of photos this week. I've scanned in some oldies to make all y'all nice and nostalgic. I'm coming up on a big week as I prepare for my trip to Michigan, which I'm crazy excited about, and which means I doubt I'll have anything intelligent to say. So on with the photos!


In the midst of a weekend of work and errands, I did have occasion to get medieval with the Muzio Extended Network of Fun People. Micah masterminded a trip to Medieval Times, which combines the Dark Ages and kitsch in a fashion rarely seen outside of Holly, Michigan. The fight scenes were strong, the horse action so-so, and food very satisfying. But what's really important is that our section, Team Yellow, ended up winning the tournament. (As Mr. Muzio said, "Yellow! That's the only color with two syllables.") If I ever see one of those punks from the Blue Team, a massive and destructive throwing down will have to occur.

Kudos to Micah, who I now believe can convince a group of 12 people to do whatever he wants them to do.

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dsgnslave said...

Hey. The camera takes nice pictures... ever beein on to flickr? It always gives me tons of cool ideas for photography... I like the shot of your corner window... i think its looks cool.