Thursday, July 27, 2006

Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam, Circumspice

EAST LANSING, Mich.—We're deep in the Mitten's comfort zone. Things are good. Conversation topics thus far among friends and family:

Detroit, the Tigers, Michigan: a state apart, editing vs. writing, the strictures of academic writing, the power of five blades, an alarming increase in our nose-hair growth rates, Web design, the joys of telecommuting, the Tigers, homeownership, gardening, cheese, meat parties, mouth-watering recipes, leaving Detroit, remaining in Detroit, the need to intermittently unplug from the big city, how surprising it is that I love L.A., the Constitution, voting, gauging one’s faith in humanity, caring for our forebears.

Brain transplants, the United State’s energy dependency, alternative fuel sources, workplace survival, the state of alt-weekly newspapers, W.H. Auden & Co., Robertson Davies, the Tigers, introducing horseshoes as an Olympic sport, leaving Grosse Pointe, deaths and births.

Old home videos, fishing stories, the many and various ways we should have ended up arrested our dead during our youth, summer vacations, the Tigers, Michigan’s housing market and economy, “Grizzly Man,” the minimum wage increase and its impact on small businesses.

MySpace serial killers, music education, the relative joys of wedding planning, living on a street with a risqué name, families be crazy!, celebrity sightings and etiquette regarding such, loving and hating Las Vegas, Los Angeles primers for newcomers.


Ian Bonner said...

circumspice, it's one word. Latin is cool like dat.

Craig said...

Damnation. I was hoping no one would notice before I could change that. Guess everyone needs a watchdog. Thanks, Ian.