Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rubber Game, Anyone?

With the Tigers getting tamed 7-1 in game one of this three-game set, there was a lot riding on Detroit to just make a good showing in game two or risk looking like a bunch of puddy-tats.

It was looking pretty bad until Pudge-Rod got chippy with Vasquez, smoked a hot single to left, cursed the pitcher under his breath and obviously got to the White Sox hurler.

Three batters later on a 2-2 count, Craig Monroe hit the first truly important baseball hit in Detroit since maybe 1990, maybe even 1987, crushing a grand sizzle over the left field wall, the bullpen and the old left field wall...about 365-370 or so. This one hit broke the seeming mental block the Tigs had put up with men in scoring position this season against good teams. In fact, it shattered it -- there was nothing subtle about the celebration they put on trotting the bases, screaming and fist pumping on the way to the dugout and curtain calling for the standing crowd. Monroe even got to bump chests with AJP at the plate when he decided the Tigs were celebrating too much. Up yours, Catch.

The Tigs then snuck out with a 5-2 win and got, what appeared to be, a rather large monkey off their backs. Judging from the number of Tiger fans who called after the game, this one really, truly tripped a deep nerve or two within us Motowners. No matter what happens this season, these guys are big leaguers and can play with anyone. It's been a very long time since anyone wearing the Olde English 'D' could claim that. Stroh's is spoken here.


Craig said...

I've never been this excited about a sports event that I follow. Not the Bad Boys, not Cecil Fielder's 51 homers, not Barry Sanders' 2,000-yard season, not Michigan State's championship team nor any of its predecessors, not the Lions' only playoff win (which I attended), not the Larry Brown Pistons.

What's the one piece of trivia every Michigander, sports fan or not, knows? The Tigers won the World Series in 1984. Michigan is a baseball state, and the peninsulas are burning this summer!

I've got tickets for this weekend's games against the Athletics. It's Gum Time, baby.

Hud said...

I posted this here by accident, actually. Anyone who wants to join our baseball blog, please come to, baby!

That was a really big game. Big tyme.

Craig said...

A little cross-polination ain't bad.