Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mitten Calls

And so I return home, a little more than a year after leaving for a faraway land. The Rocket Fever Michigan Survey will cover Detroit, Lake George, Lansing, and possibly Saugatuck. Not a bad trip. I'll be greeted by a veritable Hall of Fame lineup of friends and family. If I miss you on this trip, please take no offense. I can only do so much with time and space.

I wager I'll learn a thing or two on this trip: about Michigan and California, myself, the Detroit Tigers. The trip comes at the perfect time, when a need to leave the city is starting to creep in. A raucous Detroit weekend will segue into blissful relaxation Up North. That's Michigan perfection right there.

I probably won't blog much during the trip, but look to this space for a possible update from me and very possibly some words from Hudson. One note before I leave:

  • Ilya wins the Rocket Fever Name-the-Mask Contest with: HEOIM (Historic Exemplar of Indonesian Metrosexuality). Congratulations to Ilya and all the other worthy contestants.

While I'm gone, play the Rocket Fever What-the-Hell-Is-This contest.*

*L.A. Weekly employees and their family members are ineligible for this contest.


That's it. My flight leaves at 6, so I should get in bed and lie awake for the next few hours. See some of you soon. Go Tigers.

1 comment:

Derek said...

It's not a mitten, it's a porkchop.