Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Marina Madness

We celebrated one hell of a Fourth of July in Marina Del Ray. I joined the Hudsons; Saginaw's proudest daughter, Elise; and maximum Chrysalista Liz at the Lions Rowing Club boathouse on the water.

We did it up America style throughout the day and well into the night. While the barbecue blazed, we chilled out under the sun, cracking open beers and jawing about everything and nothing. The group got a little athletic when we found a patch of grass where we could toss around a hardball and (after we lost that) a football. Special mention has to go out to Liz, who is the best female participant in a game of catch I've ever seen. Much respect.

We capped the night with a fine fireworks display over the marina before heading back to the greatest neighborhood on Earth, situated in the greatest city on Earth, found on the greatest country on Earth.

Hud, Gaines, Elise, Liz.


Attack of the Hudsons!

He's either yawning or expressing shock at how great the Tigers are playing.

God, are my legs really that hairy? It looks like I'm wearing those basketball leg tights.

Fourth of July, three Michiganders, one super-awesome day.


Had a great lunch with Gaines family friend Doug and L.A.'s coolest baby today. Many thanks!

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You look like you are touching her boob.