Monday, July 03, 2006

Dude, Where's my Macaque?

Rocket Fever Southern Correspondent Beth Jones alerted RF to this story, about which three points should be made:

1. It's fun to say "macaque."

2. I certainly hope that monkey stays away from the Jones-Jackson cat family.

3. Monkeys are dangerous and prone to fits of beserker rage.


Beth Jones said...

This story is called "An elder imparts a universal truth to a younger member of the tribe."
I say, "Ma, there's an ad in the Classifieds. Someone's selling a monkey, cage and accessories included.
I say, "I think I'll go for a look-see."
She says, "That monkey will bite you."
And then: "You don't know where that monkey has been."
I think, "Does it matter?
Is it better to be bitten by the monkey who's putting himself through community college working part-time at a bookshop than the monkey who hangs out on the corner of the Seven-Eleven smoking cigarettes?
I think, "This may be the only chance in my life when I can call someone on the phone and ask, "May I see your monkey?"
I say, "Ma, I got to blaze my own path on this one.
"All right," she says. "But don't let that monkey bite you."
And then, "you don't know where that monkey has been."

Craig said...

I swear to God I'm not making this up: My Grandpa Gaines had a pet monkey while he was stationed in North Africa during World War II. He gave it away after the damn thing bit him.


Craig said...

That was a beautiful parable by Ms. Jones, by the by.

dr. kong (king) said...

fitting that i dropped the ol' dr. zaes there yesterday, eh?

two observations: gaines is trying to trump ms. jones' story. nice try, you los angeles neophyte!

second, i need closure on that open-ended (albeit, witty) anecdote! was there monkey-biting by a human? or human-biting by the monkey? any biting at all? a sandwich, perhaps?

Craig said...

Who would bite a macaque?