Monday, June 12, 2006

The Superest of Weekends

This is how it's done:

E-mail from Ryan Ahrens, June 7:

What up hombre,

How are things? What are the chances of a possible meeting up in L.A.? I finished the semester on Monday, and I'm leaving for Cuernavaca, Mexico, on June 24th. I know it's short notice, but I may be able to shoot up there this Sunday, the 11th, for the day and leave Monday morning.

My reply:

Your timing is impeccable. Yes, come up on Sunday. Do it. It's done.

And so it was. The old boy just left, and we did it up quite nicely, thanks very much. After picking him up at Union Station, we: Hit the Los Feliz street festival (right outside my window), toured the Sunset Strip and PCH, supped at Neptune's Net, got a peak of the city from the top of Griffith Park, watched the end of quite possibly the worst NBA Finals game ever at the Hudsons', got a better peak of the city from Mulholland Drive (thanks to Mike and his rad Jeep Commander), drove past some movie studios, ate at Fred 62, and then passed out.

Now R.W. is on his way back to San Diego and Mexico. Safe journey, friend. Pick me up at the San Diego train station in early August.


Dig this fascinating story sent to me by Dr. Hotnuts. Guess it's time to remove that photo of me covered in whipped cream and sardines.

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