Friday, June 09, 2006

Safety Sam and the Shameful Art of Terrifying Children

If anyone out there doesn't react to this photo with anything other than abject horror, we can't be friends anymore. This lifeless tool of evil was employed by the Lansing Police Department to perpetrate dead-eyed terror and mischief upon the innocent, sunny-haired children of Lansing in the 1950s. The legend around Foster Community Center in the 1980s was that you were a goner once "Safety Sam" affixed you in with rictal grin.


I found this image on this dude's MySpace page. Don't ask me how I got there. I forget. But I won't forget the photo anytime soon. Aside from the obvious reasons (all two of them), there are other items that make this an arresting photo. Consider the symbols: "College" itself, "College" representing "Animal House," the beer can, the Mich Ultra logo, the Michigan State logo, the fitted baseball cap, the girl's jewelry, the sun hitting her hair, the cooler with the sweatshirt on it for when it gets colder later, the trucks parked on green fields, the date (Notre Dame beat us, 31-24, that day). Ten people could look at this photo and be taken 10 different places. Or, maybe, two places.


The Monkey Chow Diaries is a Web site of particular genius. Spend time with the videos.


Can you tell I don't care about the NBA right now? But baseball is bein' berry, berry good to me!


I know most of you have probably heard of this guy, but dig on Sondre Lercher. And, for Chrissakes, download his "Things You Call Fate" from iTunes. It's Friday! Live a little!


Raconteurs = Good.


dsgnslave said...

there's a girl in that picture?

dr. teeth said...

did it just get hooter in here, or is just me?

Drake said...

could use a msu tailgate right about now..