Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rocket Fever Name-the-Mask Contest!

I just hung up this mask in my kitchen. Creepy cool, huh? So what should we name it? Renaldo? Hot Lips? All Smiles All the Time? The Spitting Image of Bill Joyce? Post or e-mail me your entries. The winner receives an all-expenses-paid trip to the Cayman Islands!!!*

*Winner responsible for arranging all travel and accommodations to and in Cayman Islands. Winner responsible for 100 percent of funding of trip to Cayman Islands. Rocket Fever is in no way responsible for travel, accommodations, or any other expenses incurred during trip to Cayman Islands. Hell, you can go to Peru for all we care. Just don't go hitting us up for cash. We have our own problems.


MLJ said...

Gaines Wide Shut

Anonymous said...

4 a.m. Rexrode

Craig said...

I believe we have an early contender ...

ilyushka said...

mask names:

1. Mr. Tickleswirth
2. Big P.a.p.u.a.
3. junior
4. Eazy-E
5. Vladimir Ilyitch
6. HEOIM (historic exemplar of indonesian metrosexuality)
7. J.J. or java joe / java judy
8. Sumatra Bob

Anonymous said...

1. Jay Leno
2. Chi Chi Gigante
3. Mr. Picasso Head
4. Alejandro Peña
5. Joaquin Andujar