Friday, June 30, 2006

Garlic Apple from Hell!

This is what happens when your kitchen gets into the high 80s during the day: Your apple fuses with a clove of garlic to create a supermutant new form of evil vegetablefruit. Pretty neat, huh?

Guess I'll have to start using my fridge.


Joey Ballgame seems to think the three Sparty draft picks are in good shape.


Speaking of Rexrodes, this I can hardly believe.


Vote for Sparty! (Thanks to Katie for the forward!)


Check out the links if you haven't perused them lately: There are a couple Micah Muzio productions at the top, the stylings of Lawrence Everett Forbes (L.A. Weekly buddy), everyone's favorite Other Style Council, and maybe some other newbies you haven't checked out. Support Rocket Fever's friends!

1 comment:

joys said...

Scary. I just took the time to go back and read the comments on your past few posts and realized Solari had already pointed out the Myftiu resemblance in your mask.

I swear on my mother's good name I didn't see that before making my suggestion. Damn. Guess I'll have to think of something more clever. (Sorry, Solari.)