Friday, June 02, 2006

February 1985

This photo might best sum up my childhood. It captures a time and place using a couple faces, atmosphere, carefully placed miscellany, and a shitload of snow.

It was taken in February 1985 in our back yard at 504 N. Fairview Ave. in Lansing. I am 6 and my sister just turned 3. I can't remember which parent took this photo, but I'd like to know what in hell we're doing out there. My facial expression is a combination of gritting against the cold and attempting to smile. Hayley's facial expression is -- common for the era -- completely comic. I'm sure it was accompanied by a weird noise.

Note the dress. We're bundled up so the only skin we show is on our faces. I have gloves, she has mittens. Her hat is a princessy light blue, mine is muddy colored and has my name on it (!). Hayley bizarrely seems to be wearing tights with huge boots.

Now let's move to the setting. Snow dominates everything. It's wet, dumped clumps everywhere and squeaks and cracks when you walk on it. The swing set is in pretty good shape, but you can be sure that metal is bone chilling. The lawn chair and tennis racket are reminders of how frozen in the past summer seems when it's July. And the clothesline with just a few clothespins will hang empty until spring.

The bottom one was probably taken a year before at my grandparents' house in Grosse Pointe. The young man enjoyed the cultured life.


I'll have the Sonoma wrapup soon, I swear it. I just go off on these tangents, y'know?


Had dinner with Jen Molnar last night. More on that to follow.


Had a long, frank discussion with Pat Muir of Central Washington last night as well. Pat knows it's funny.


Colorful and healthful.


Dr. Hot Crap said...

dude, what the hell are you and your sister doing on MY childhood swing set?!?!?!

Craig said...

The Gaines family was so poor we had to drive to Elyria to play on swing sets.