Monday, June 19, 2006

Capping It All Off

I found my first baseball cap: A battered, duct-taped Toledo Mudhens job. I bought it at that old sporting-goods spot in East Lansing. No clue what it was called. I seem to remember Brian Shiels and I were into Minor League caps. The Quad City cap was pretty cool, too.


What sort of cretin would steal someone's turtles? I mean, turtles?

"Hey, wouldn't it be a gas to steal some turtles?" the guy would say.

And then you'd be like, "No, that would be mean to the turtles and their owner. That would not be a gas."

Or at least, that's what someone should have said to this horse's ass.


I'd just like to point out again how early we were to the whole mustache game. Wayne Delacroix is smiling somewhere in mustache heaven.

Toledo Mudhens
Los Feliz

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